Tanuki Blade.


The Vagrant Dragon
        Age: 14                 Tribe: Ryu-Zoku (Dragon Tribe)
                        Height: 5' 1"           Weight: 135 lbs                                         
                                    Weapon: Tanuki Blade                   Birthdate: February 6, 951 S.A           

A dragon who was raised as a human by a young woman named Umiko. After a traumatic experience in Unagi's childhood, he is banished from his homeland of Yamato by the people that see him as a freak of nature.

Cerise Crissaegrim

      Age: 13                 Tribe: Magi                                
                    Height: 5' 4"           Weight: 92 lbs                                         
                                   Weapon: Turtle Staff                   Birthdate: July 15, 952 S.A                                      

A young witch in training. She is looked down upon by most members of her Magi tribe due to her mixed blood with humans. Snarky, incredibly cunning and intelligent for her age, helps her stand against many challenges.
         Age: 30                 Tribe: Human                                
                      Height: 5' 7"           Weight: 120 lbs                                         
Birthdate: January 30, 937 S.A.                     

Unagi's mother. Before her untimely death, she teaches Unagi to not hate those that ridicule him. She watches over him from the afterlife.
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